If you find a locked phone, with no info on the lock screen, swap sims to find a contact

This happened to me the other day. I found a lost phone in a bunch of trees on a hike with my kids. The phone was locked, with no contact info displayed on the screen. I some generic codes (1111 etc), no luck. I called the carrier, and they couldn't give me, and didn't have any info on the guy for some reason.

So I popped the sim out of his phone, and put it into mine. I unlocked my phone, went to contact, and looked at the ones that were tied to the SIM card. Called "home", found the guy, and gave him his phone back.

Thinking twice, I figured this would be pretty obvious, but I've never actually heard of anyone doing this, and don't think it's as obvious a tip as it seems now. Hope it helps someone else.
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