Unsure of how to start exercising or it seems daunting?

Start today by picking 1 exercise, push up, jumping jack, burpee, squat, whatever you want, then tomorrow do 2, the 3rd day 3, and so on. In a year from now, 365 days, you will have done 66,795 of that exercise. You can do it!

If you are not sure how to start exercising, it seems too daunting, you do not have time, or money for gym membership, you can start today in the comfort of your own home by doing one and it will take 2 seconds.

Every journey begins with one step and today could be that day for you. As the title states, today pick one exercise, it can be whatever you want it to be, and then tomorrow do 2 of that exercise, and add one per day for the next year. It will add up overtime, and we can show this by the sum of integers. Bare with me here, there is some maths but it is not bad.

To find the sum of all numbers from 1 to x, you take a number lets say 5 then multiply by the next number 6, and divide the total by 2, 5*6/2=15 or 1+2+3+4+5=15. So in the course of 5 days by adding one exercise will have done 15 in total. We can do the same for a whole year, by doing 1 today and adding 1 per day for the next year you get, 365*366/2=66,795.

This may seem daunting but it is not. Last year, 2019, I started on January 1st by doing 1 push up then followed through by adding 1 per day. Here are some helpful things:

  1. Break it down into sets. Was not in shape, and by day 25 started to struggle doing push ups consecutively. Once you hit your personal wall, break things down into sets for me that went as follows:
    Day 25 - Started doing sets of 10 every 60 seconds
    Day 100- Started doing sets of 20 every 60 seconds
    Day 180- Started doing sets of 30 every 90 seconds
    Day 240- Started doing sets of 40 every 90 seconds
    Day 300- Started doing sets of 50 every 90 seconds

    The total amount of time spent each day did not exceed approximately 10 minutes in total. It can also help to chunk sets. Do 5 sets, of whatever number, then take a break, do some work, relax, and come back and finish out the remaining sets.
  2. Do this for yourself and make a commitment. You are worth it, you can do it. It helps not to tell anyone starting out. People can and will be dismissive. Also it can put undo pressure on us and set us up for failure if we tell someone we are doing something and do not follow through. Shame sucks.
  3. If you miss a day that is ok. We get sick, go on vacation, and or life gets in the way, ish happens. You can either skip the day and or comeback and add in a few extra to get back, keep a running total when this happens. Take out that shame factor.
  4. This will help in realizing things take time. Small changes added up to big changes over time. You can do it, you are worth it, and you have the ability to do it.
  5. This will also help with setting goals. The short term goal is for 30 days, mid length goal of 6 months, and long term goal of 1 year.
From one internet stranger to another, "I BELIEVE IN YOU!"

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