Slightly modifying To-Do lists to increase productivity

My life changed recently, and I became a full-time stay at home dad, often overwhelmed with what needed to be done during a day's time at home.
I began writing To-Do lists every morning.
Over the past months, I've modified my method, and found it much more easy to stick with, and to accomplish things.
What I've changed:
  • Avoid using To-Do list apps. Writing it down on paper feels like I'm taking it more seriously, and I'm less likely to get distracted with other things on my phone.
  • Leave open space when you start your for adding things later.
The two biggies:
  • NOTHING is too small for your list. If you have to do it as part of your day, it should be on the list. Washing dishes, making the bed... it all goes on the list.
  • Add to your list and then check off the things that you accomplish/do throughout the day that weren't on the list initially.
The reason for the last two can't be overstated; To-Do lists can look daunting. Looking at a To-Do list that has things already checked off, and the more things that get checked off, the more motivation comes, and your actually see just how much you’re getting done in your day, and just how few things you have left to check off, giving you that little boost to finish off the entire list, and feel that much more accomplished at the end of your day.

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