If you're stocking up on food and can cook, buy fresh, prepare and freeze food instead of buying instant or long life things

So many people are stocking up on store cupboard things like soup and jars of pasta sauces. If you have the time and skill to meal prep, buy fresh ingredients (which aren't selling out as much compared to long life ones) and make your own so you can freeze it for any periods of isolation.

It takes some of the pressure off dry stock levels, leaves the instant food for those that really need it (those who really don't have the time, skills or means to cook properly) and gives you healthier food which will be easy to heat if you or your family do get ill.

Veg can be super cheap when its not selling. Chop onions and potatoes and freeze them for quick food prep. Tomatoes, peppers, aubergine, courgette, carrots can be all roasted from frozen, spinach/cabbage/kale reduces loads anyway so cooking from frozen is fine.
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