Always carry a deck of playing cards

I have a very small life tip that is not epic but will certainly come in handy!

I was told when I was younger (and unfortunately cannot remember where) to always carry a pack of playing cards wherever I went - that I would never know when I might need them. They are cheap and they dont take up much space so whenever I change bags or backpacks I always ensure there is a pack of cards in there somewhere. I cannot tell you how often they have been useful!

If you end up stuck somewhere unexpected for an extended period of time, a pack of cards is a great way to keep everyone occupied and happy and make the time go quickly. The options for games are limitless! You will also be thought of favourably as the prudent one for having the cards with you in the first place!

This can also be great as an ice breaker if you are with people you dont really know but are stuck with through circumstance. Additionally if there are any worries or anxieties in the room eg. power cut or locked in somewhere for example, playing cards can take a lot of people's minds off of their unease and lift the tension.

Have a bored child on a train or waiting room with no toys? A pack of cards to a child can literally be hours of entertainment, you can practice numbers, magic, play snap, build card houses...

My husband is in the military and also swears by this tip - they take cards with them everywhere as you never know when you may have to wait around for hours and need something to do to keep boredom at bay.

One final tip I would say that make sure you know a few basic card games you could simply explain to others if needed to get things going but one of the good things about this would be if you do get stuck somewhere and have hours to kill with a colleague/friend/stranger, you also have the means to learn games from them and get talking etc!

I know this is not going to go changing lives but hopefully may be helpful to someone :-)

EDIT: I have been out today and came back and saw all of these wonderful comments! This was just a small tip that I didnt think would get noticed in amongst the awesome posts on this sub so I just wanted to say.. Thank You SO MUCH! I will try and reply to as many as I can but thank you all - it means so much that you liked it and have found it useful! 😀😄

Also I do agree to a few comments regarding poor timing on my part posting this, so I do apologize. This is a general tip for all times in life so please make sure you consider what is happening around you and if you have any concerns about touching the same items as others make sure you stay safe!

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